You shouldn’t worry if you have a hard time keeping up with your roof. A lot of homeowners are having difficulties with this as well. However, we’re here to help you on how to properly take care of your roof to guarantee that your house is always in top shape.  

While roofs appear resistant and strong, they’re still prone to a couple of situations. This includes serious impacts and old age.  

If you don’t want to regularly search for “roofing contractors near me” to fix your broken roof, you have to maintain it. Here are some tips: 

Leaks and Cracks 

For those who do not know, leaks and cracks in the attic or on the roof are indications for a complete replacement. the main job of the roof is to protect you from the weather. If rainwater and draft manage to get inside, it means your roof isn’t doing its job.  

If you maintain your roof regularly, you can greatly lower the possibilities for this to happen. However, you cannot predict the weather. A tree branch might fall on the roof and crack your shingles.  

Algae and Moss 

Algae and moss on the shingles also accumulate as leaves build up. The impact of nature on the roof is totally normal. But, you have to get rid of it right away to avoid further damages.  

This is because algae and moss prefer moist and damp places. Typically, they happen on roofs that are under shades and tend to stay cool. These can improve levels of moisture in the attic, leading to higher possibilities for leaks, cracks, and mold.  


Gutters get filled with debris such as dirt and leaves over time. This particularly occurs after storms and rainy seasons. You have to clean your gutter after every storm and at least twice a year. There are a couple of things that can happen if you do not get rid of debris. This includes: 

  • Foundation walls get surrounded by gutter water. 
  • Huge water splashes ruin your yard. 
  • Water gathers on the roof and cracks it. 
  • Gutters get detached. 

Fortunately, it isn’t difficult to clean a gutter. You simply have to get rid of debris with a broom or your hands. Then, use water to rinse the whole area. Ice accumulates in the winter. This can greatly damage the roofing system. Getting rid of ice accumulations is more difficult. Usually, you’ll have to hire an expert. 

Inspections and Warranties 

Examine the warranties of your roof. That’s the first thing you should do. Old age is the major factor for roof deterioration. Every roofing material has a lifespan. Tile can reach 10 decades, wood can reach 3 decades, and asphalt can last 2 decades.  

Call an expert to inspect whether there are chances for damage if your roof is reaching its lifespan. Keep in mind that these age limits should not be taken for granted. The lifespan of your roof will be greatly reduced by a lack of maintenance and difficult weather. In addition to that, you have to do inspections every year.