For those who don’t know, when it comes to aging a whiskey, there are several types of barrel used. Most people who love to sip whiskey and its alternatives do not know how may minor differences there are between the different barrels used to age their preferred drink. However, you will be able to pinpoint the flavors that make up your preferred liquor once you take the time to learn about their differences.  

Before you search for the best liquor store delivery, here are several things you should know about whiskey barrels: 

Rum Barrels 

This is another form of barrel that is not utilized for long-term storage. However, it is utilized for short bursts of flavor. This type of barrel can make a sweeter whiskey. Usually, these types of casks are used for whiskey storing only for several months. This is because the strong tropical flavor of the rum will overtake the whiskey. Mixing the flavors of creamy and smoky whiskey with the flavors of tropical fruit produces a strong but delicious whiskey that is well-known with amateurs.  

Port, Sherry, and Wine Barrels 

These barrels are one of the most well-known ones to be used for whiskey aging. These forms of barrels are all quite the same and are all utilized for different whiskey types. Port barrels provide a strong berry flavor with some cherry tone. Sherry barrels provide sweetness to the whiskey together with major orange and dried fruit tones. Wine barrels usually make whiskey have a sweet and fruity taste. In addition to that, it also adds nutty tones to the drink. 

Oak Barrels 

This is the most popular form of cask utilized for aging all forms of whiskeys. The oak wood generates a spicy taste and smell. It also adds a bready and woody tone to the liquor. Unfortunately, aging for too long in oak barrels can lead to issues and might make the whiskey too spicy to achieve the end goal. Because of this, oak casks are typically utilized for shorter aging times. They might not be utilized for long-term storage of whiskey unless the purpose of the whiskey is to make it really spicy.  

Cognac Barrels 

These casks are not extremely popular in the whiskey industry. However, still they’re typically used. This type of a cask was once used for storing and aging this type of whiskey. Because of this, it is filled with the great and rich taste that goes along with this certain spirit. Cognac barrels have a tendency to make whiskey have a rusty color. There might also be a couple of tones of toffee or caramel present.  

Bourbon Barrels 

Of course, one type of whiskey is bourbon. However, these types of barrels are still sometimes used for aging Scotch whiskey in most distilleries. The bourbon must be aged in an unused barrel for it to be classified as a bourbon. Thus, whenever these barrels are done, they still have a lot of life left in them. Because of this, they’re sometimes sold at quite cheap costs to Scotch whiskey distilleries and utilized in their aging process.